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A cloud-based solution offers a financial alternative to traditional CAPEX solutions. It provides educational institutions with the opportunity to digitally transform without restrictions and enables the adoption of new technology to deliver excellence in education.
Cloud-based solutions provide operational cost savings and provide IT with the opportunity to create new revenue streams. 服务,例如LBS, 由云支持, can be combined with smart city 应用程序s to offer services that provide a unique and differentiated citizen experience.
Figuring out how to secure and enable connectivity for users, 设备, and IoMT in facilities while keeping costs down is a challenge for healthcare providers. A cloud-based solution can help providers reduce costs. 与伦敦商学院, 资产, 临床医生, and operational workflows can be optimized to save money and enable better patient care services.
With today’s limited IT budgets and resources to manage the hotel network, cloud-based management-as-a-service presents a practical option. As hoteliers seek to increase revenues and improve their return on investments (RoI), cloud-based services such as LBS, can differentiate and provide new revenue streams.
A cloud-based digital strategy allows operators to be more agile and flexible, bring new services online quickly and to scale as required, as they become smart railways, 港口, 机场和道路. LBS enables also advanced services to support passengers with reduced mobility. Leveraging cloud business models also frees up operators to focus on growing the business with advanced new offerings such as LBS.







Keep employees and customers safe with asset tracking

Keep employees and customers safe with asset tracking

Hotspot tracking and contact tracing enables businesses to re-open while keeping employees and customers safe.

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热情好客 reduces employee contact, improves operations

Digital hospitality solutions are key to minimize face-to-face contact to deliver back-of-house services.


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Smart transportation solutions are driving us into the future. Move your passengers further to connected experiences with 彩虹 and Location-Based 服务.

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