Businesses cannot afford to jeopardize their customer relationships during periods of turmoil.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides agents and customer service representatives with IP Desktop SoftPhone solutions that permit them to remain connected while working from anyw在这里.

IP Desktop Softphone能为您的业务做什么?

The IP Desktop Softphone is a software package that enables employees to access all the features of their business desk phone, 在他们的电脑或笔记本电脑上.



  • Leverage all 8068s Premium DeskPhone features from your computer or laptop
  • Access your corporate directory and connect to your hunt-groups directly from your screen
  • Offer impactful conversations with customers through high quality voice over IP (VoIP). Combine with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s collaboration tool, Rainbow for more seamless interactions


  • 广泛的呼叫中心*功能可从家里. Manage large volumes of calls with no need to re-train your agents
  • 维护现有的呼叫分配和路由指示
  • 像往常一样登录和退出代理配置文件





  • No additional hardware required to get started (headset recommended)
  • 可以通过IT部门远程部署吗
  • No need to change OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition configuration

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